Bérenger Arnaud and Mountaz Hascoët

CHI’13, Workshop « Avec le temps! Time, Tiempo, … », 04/2013

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[EN] In this paper, we propose an interaction style devotedto the specification of subjective and conceptual temporal expressions. We propose an abstract relative timeline as the central support for this interaction style.
Our aim is to reach a satisfactory level of expressiveness while preserving concision and clarity.
We provide results from preliminary attempts to use this approach to express twenty typical target challenging conceptual temporal expressions.

Bérenger Arnaud, Guillaume Artignan, Jérôme Cance, Guillaume Delmas, Mountaz Hascoët, Nancy Rodriguez

IV’01, 07/2011

Article en anglais | Paper in English

[EN] Coviz is a tool that uses visualization to support spontaneous construction, organization and exploration of collections. We use the term collection to identify a set of documents gathered for a given purpose by one or several individuals. Coviz facilitates creation, organization and update of collections by providing multi-scale visualization and interaction techniques. Coviz has been tested in several informative case studies involving small groups of users. In these situations, Coviz has fulfilled several important aspects of both groups and personal organization needs. Our initial experiments indicate that Coviz can even encourage unusual and interesting forms of cooperation among people.


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